How to Find Influencers to Partner With This Holiday Season

How to Find Influencers to Partner With This Holiday Season

The landscape of holiday marketing has certainly changed in the past few years. Consumers have traded in the Sear’s Wish Book for the perceived authenticity of social media influencers. So just how can you go about pairing up with the right one to give your business that seasonal boost? We’ve got you covered below!

Hashtags for the Holidays

You can get your own brand recognition rolling organically be crafting a specific hashtag for your brand – and for the season! – that you can encourage customers to use on Instagram. From there, customers that interact with influencers inevitable have their likes and tags seen by a wider audience.

Also, having a recognizable hashtag with some groundswell support already will not only attract influencers but will give your product the edge of name recognition as something they would feel comfortable promoting.

Create Goodwill for All

Bring the influencers to you by setting up a mutual brand ambassador page where you showcase their content on your site and set up links on the page back to your products. They get exposure while so do you!


Of course, everyone loves free stuff. Sending some samples of your product to various influencers, along with personalized reasons why you feel they may like your product, is a great way to put the product right in their hands to promote. Be sure to be individualized in your approach, as you don’t want to have them feel you are mass marketing and casting a wide, uncurated net. Know your audience, know their audience.

Build a Relationship – Be Pitch Perfect

Continuing off at wanting to individualize your offerings, it goes a long way if you’ve interacted previously and positively with an influencer. Tag them, tweet at hem, email them (within sparing reason, of course) to get a conversation going.

And when it comes down to asking them to promote a product of yours, make sure your pitch is practiced – you know the “Why,” you know the “What” and you know your audience.


At the end of the day, the best way to make sure you are finding your perfect influencer partner is to browse through their content, look at their interactions with followers, know their areas of expertise and make sure you’re only pursuing people that will authentically tie into your brand.