7 Awesome Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

7 Awesome Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

If you’ve got a savvy businesswoman or a clever CEO in your life, you may struggle with finding them something unique, out-of-the-box and perfect to slide into their stocking. But never fear! Here are some of our favorite presents for the entrepreneur in your life (or, you know, for you to throw on your own Christmas list).

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard

There are no off days – but there may be off surface typing! With this virtual keyboard, your person can type on the go anywhere, without having to worry about tiny screens and slowed speed as lasers turn a coffee table, a rock – even the floor into an anywhere keyboard!

Caffeinated Blessings

Coffee Maker

Make sure they never run out of energy with the ultimate caffeinator. The AeroPress brews rich coffee in record time that’s always of the highest caliber – and sure to fuel a busy day.

Amazon Kindle


For the busy and business-y person on the go, finding time to sit down and read can be a struggle. They’ll appreciate the efficiency of having a Kindle with hundreds of favorite books in one place and the streamlined ability to be packed almost anywhere. Entrepreneurs love to learn – so let them keep expanding their knowledge in style!

A Useful Subscription

Useful Subscription

Hey, your entrepreneur has a lot going on, so why not make things easier for them all year long? Amp up their marketing with a Copylicious content plan or liven up their presentations with an Evernote premium subscription?

Zen Garden


Promote self-care and de-stressing with something cute and relaxing like this mini Zen garden. Let her unwind from a hectic meeting by drawing softly in the sand as her mind has a chance to reset.

Noise Canceling Headphones


If they have to jetset, let them do so in peace with these ultra-comfy, world-class noise-canceling headphones from Bose. They’ll be able to catch up on a favorite audiobook, listen to minutes from meetings, block out the world with some good music or just take a break on the plane and land feeling fresh not stressed.

Tile Their Belongings


Your entrepreneur is free to focus on bigger things knowing their keys/wallet/phone/favorite purse is never far from being found with a set of Tiles that lets them know where everything is and that both their business and personal worlds are in order.