5 Fresh Holiday Email Ideas to Boost Sales in 2018

5 Fresh Holiday Email Ideas to Boost Sales in 2018

Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean you have to end 2018 in a sales lull. Use this time of holiday cheer and soaring spirits to your advantage with these pine-scented fresh ideas for sales emails this winter!

Seasonal Sample Sale

Get two French hens with one stone, here: You’ll make your subscribers feel special and exclusive by having access, and you’ll allow them to try a variety of products in small batches to inspire their gift giving for everyone on their list. From each initial sale you make, many will find something they like and make a repeat purchase either for themselves or for some happy holiday shopping!

Do the Opposite – Skip the Selling Altogether!

Your customers will be so inundated with ads, sales, and mailers, so focused on getting them to buy something this time of year, that being the cool minty breeze of not pushing a sale could be the thing they appreciate most – and that appreciation leads to sales.

Picture an email inbox filled with OFFER, OFFER, OFFER, OFFER and then there’s a simple “Happy Holidays,” or “We’re Thankful for You” email from your company with no links, no sales, no catch. That simple communication really bolsters goodwill and that perceived sense of old-fashioned holiday love will make them want to support your business.

Holiday Newsletter

Remember those lengthy cards and newsletters you would send out as a family when you were a kid? The ones that included updates on your brother’s sports wins, your sister’s Honor Roll status, your growth spurt, and even the newly painted dining room.

You don’t have to get quite so nitty-gritty personal, but make your customers feel like family too with an end-of-the-year newsletter highlighting your highs as a company, the things and people you’re grateful for and what you hope for 2019.

Something Multimedia

Embed a video in your mailers – something festive but short and sweet that will visually draw people in. Give their brains a break from all the holiday reading and send them snowy scenes, shiny gifts, happy carolers and tidings of joy.

Do a Social Tie-In

Offer up alternative ways to stay connected, so your customers never miss seeing a gorgeous holiday image from you on Instagram or hear about updated holiday hours on Facebook. Create a unique hashtag at the end of the email and encourage followers to use it on social media this holiday and periodically shout someone out!