Top 6 Professional Business Cards Tips & Examples

When your business launches, there is almost nothing more exciting than being able to introduce yourself to the world as a proprietor - and to do so in a way that is not only stylish and professional, but impactful. Enter the Business Card. Oftentimes the first interaction a client has with your brand and/or person, business cards of today need to convey a lot in just a little. Here are some of our favorite tips and cards:


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Like fire and ice, what is light without a little dark? Play with inverting a light background and dark type/dark background and light type but stick with just a two-tone palette – and stay consistent on both sides to keep things cohesive.




Capture the eye with something a little unexpected and a little out of the box with a patterned background that sticks in the memory. Pro tip: Only use it on one side of the card, though, and keep the other side simple and minimalistic.


Top 6 Professional Business Cards Tips & Examples

 The basics of printing and design, that is. The last thing you want is a sloppy print job or oddly sized cards so remember:

  • Allow for 5mm of trim on all edges

  • Design in CMYK as much as possible

  • Start by making sure you include the important info so contact information doesn’t get accidentally overlooked.



Your business itself is unique, so why not work that into the design? A surefire way for someone to remember just what it is you do is with a well-designed visual reminder.



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Like the great Coco Chanel’s advice to remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house, do a scan of your business cards for any elements that look just like more white noise. A clean layout serves to not overwhelm, conveys important information and keeps your brand looking sleek and professional.



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Whatever eye-catching color scheme or background you choose to go with, be sure you aren’t sacrificing on readability for an aesthetic. A business card, after all, exists first and foremost to deliver a message and it’s easy to forget about contrast when you zero in on a really cool vibe.


Your business card is not only a part of your branding design – it is often your branding’s front line. Make sure the design conveys your company’s mission but also conveys your company’s information. After all, first impressions matter.